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Ramshackle Games

Welcome to Ramshackle Games' website. We offer a range of models suitable for our own systems as well as customising your existing armies. Ramshackle Games makes mostly Post Apocalyptic models. Visit our shop to view our range of models or look through our site for more information on our games.


All orders are shipped free of charge world wide. Please note that it may take upto 3 weeks from placing an order to it being sent out. All orders are cast in order, on demand. If there is a backlog then delays can result.

New Releases

You can find images and a list of our latest releases by clicking here.

General Assembly Instructions

Please click here for tips on working with our resin models.


The latest version of the Ramshackle Games Catalogue

Please be aware that the prices on the shop occaisionally get updated, so may not match the prices quoted in the catalogue.


Fast paced post apocalyptic action

Find Ramshackle Games on Facebook. Its a great way to keep up with our new releases. Please comment on the models anlet us know what you think.