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Assembling and customising the Half Ute


When the model pieces arrive from Ramshackle Games, you will notice that they will need preparing for assembly. Its always advisable to wash any resin models you acquire before handling them too much. They are usually safe to handle but may have release agent or other chemical traces still on them. Simply wash them win luke warm water with a little washing-up liquid.

The casting process can leave edges that need a little work doing to them before they fit together properly. Often pieces will have an uneven bottom to them or tabs from the pour holes. Uneven surfaces can be filed. We recommend you use a big manly metalwork file. It they seem big but don't worry, they are easy to control! Tabs should carefully be removed with a saw. Any remaining resin can be filed or cut away. Also remove and lines left from molding. At this stage it should be noted that while resin is safe to touch, its not good to breathe in. Wear a dust filter when working with resin, especially if you are using power tools! Shards of plastic don't feel very comfortable when in you eye either, so wear some protection!

Tools of the trade


Once all the pieces are cleaned up, make sure they all fit together properly. Use some tack to test it out. You can use super glue to stick Ramshackle Games models together with. The bond is usually stronger than the resin! Epoxies are also good for gluing and strengthening the bonds. Remember, always read the instructions on your glue and use in a well ventilated place! Once the glue is set, undercoat your model. I have used grey, which makes it easy to see any imperfections you have missed. Fill any gaps that are left using ProCreate modeling putty. Now you are ready to start the paint job!