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Assembling and customising the Half Ute

Part two: Customisation

The half ute in my team started as a quad, with the following upgrades:

  • Quad
  • Armored crew space
  • 3x enclosed crew space
  • Tracks
  • Immobiliser
  • Supercharged engine
  • Self sealing fuel tanks
  • 3x reinforced armour
  • Turbo

With the vehicle designed and it's points calculated I used a range of tridlins to reflect it's various modifications.

I wanted it to be toting a vehicle mounted weapon, and so I went for the belt fed launcher.

  • Grenade Launcher

With the addition of the Belt fed grenade launcher the vehicles total points value is 336.


The finished undercoated model

I decided that as I'd increased the armour, I should reflect this on the model, so am adding some extra armour plates. The model doesn't come with the weapon either, so I'm going to be putting this on. The barrel for the belt fed launcher is simply made from two pieces of styrene tube, bought from my local model shop. I filed the end on the barrel to give rounded edges. You will notice the back door is made from an armour plate. This was cast with a back just like the tracks. As this surface will be visible, I glued on a bit of tridlins to cover it up. The extra tridlins can be bought off us in a set, I will be putting this conversion kit up in our shop.