Picking a gang for Nuclear Renaissance

This is part one of a series of short articles on my gang for the Ramshackle Nuclear Renaissance tournament. We've been playing through the campaign map for the last few weeks and I thought I'd share some of my ideas and experiences.

Start with a background

Its always fun to pick a new army or gang for any game and Nuclear Renaissance is no different. Fortunately, no-one attacked me in the first campaign turn which gave me some breathing space to really think about their background and the types of unit I'd use.

I've always been fascinated by World War I and II and spent some time looking on Wikipedia for inspiration. I finally came across an excellent photograph of Australian soldiers in a trench. Surrounded by a bleak landscape, each man faces the camera, faces hidden by a gas mask with no show of hope, fear, or determination.

This was ideal. I'd always imagined that there would be small pockets of resistance across the barren wastes. So a collection of soldiers, still hanging onto discipline, training and long out of date orders was right up my street.

I can easily imagine these soldiers tracking across the land, hunting scarce game, preserving ammunition and striking in lightening raids only to disappear back into fox holes, trenches and well hidden redoubts.

Simple unit choices

Right away, I decided that I would have no goons as all members of my gang are trained soldiers. Admittedly some would be the sons (or even grandsons) of original members. Certainly they would be using handed down weapons (and treating them like precious artefacts).

I also decided that a truck would be my first vehicle. I'd not played anyone in the first turn and needed to make sure I'd catch up quickly.

Its easy to imagine the ancestors of these soldiers making their escape in a standard issue truck decades ago, only to carefully repair, patch and reinforce it over time. As the roads wore away and the terrain grew more rugged, more time would be spent scavenging spare parts and hacking together "make do" components.

Finally I needed a leader. This would be a Major or Captain who'd earned their place through countless skirmishes and raids over the years. He'd have the respect and trust of the others and would lead by example.

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