My first Nuclear Renaissance campaign game

My first game of Nuclear Renaissance was a bit of a surprise. I was attacked by Thor who has a gang of very hard heros. I knew that this might be a problem, especially as he'd already played out a few fights in the first campaign turn.

We rolled for the scenario and found ourselves gaming in bad weather. That meant we couldn't go at Top End and all ranges were reduced by half. Something I vowed to remember as I wanted to make the most of my .50 cal!

Thor had chosen to buy dominance skills and easily won the right to go first. We both skipped and so our drivers revved the engines and maneouvered their charges into better fighting positions.

Thors tactic was to hide behind a pillar, waiting for me to come rumbling within range so he could easily pop out and pick me off. Fortunately for me he hadn't realised my truck was almost as fast as his! In a flash, I was within range with my .50 cal ready to take him on with my Captain.

Hearing the rumbling of my engines, Thor had his heros turn in the open topped quad and peer into the gloom. Unlucky for him that he'd given all his men short range weapons so their shots went wide of their mark. Then it was my go. I quickly re-activated my Captain and targeted his vehicle.

In a spray of heavy ammunition his quad was ripped apart, sending it flying backwards into a building which stacked on top of it. Lucky for Thor, he had a roll cage and frantically tried to save some dignity by rolling for saves. Fate was with me though as all but one of his men took hits and played out the rest of the game as casualties.

Deciding he'd fight another day, Thor immediately planned an escape off the field, denying me any gang wipeout reputation points.

With three gang members left to move around, I had complete control of the turn. I chose to disembark my Captain and one of the soldiers (who both passed their tests) and then wait for the next turn.

Thor won dominance again, lucky spiv, and carried on running away. I immediately moved my two men over to the fresh corpses and looted a powered weapon. I had my driver move into range of the survivor and in a flash, another soldier stepped up and rended the remaining hero in a defeaning hail of hot leaded death.

Not bad for a days work! The looted items were sold on the black market and helped swell my coffers. The extra reputation didn't hurt either as I needed to save up for another soldier taking my team to five.