Kitting out the vehicle

Vehicles are a big part of Nuclear Renaissance. I wanted a truck that could out of trouble just as easily as it got into it. I also wanted a fairly decent cruise speed so that I wouldn't have to take tests to turn at Top End.

Looking at the rules I can add supercharged engines, enclosed crewspaces and reinforced armour. Most of the penalties for the extra armour can be negated with the engines. The penalties for the Top End should only make a difference in a Race scenario so that's ok.

The truck's weight class is a little low. However, the high DR means that most people will need to roll a 9 or 10 on a D10 to get me (assuming they have modifiers). No-one has a truck stopper yet so I'm going to be ok for a little while (I hope).

Of course it needs to pack some punch and the .50 cal is a great choice. It fits perfectly with my gangs background and it doesn't cost as much as the rail cannon!

Enclosed crew spaces are also important but I can only afford one to start with so it'll protect my driver. With my Captains high AP (and worth) I'll probably have him man the cannon until I can afford a dedicated gunner.

Here's a summary of my choices:

  • Truck chassis
  • Super charged engines - two
  • Reinforced armour
  • Armoured crew space
  • Heavy machine gun
  • Enclosed crew space - one each for the driver and gunner

This will be enough for the first few turns. I'll add extra enclosed compartments and armour as my resources allow.

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