Picking and assigning stats

Ok, so now I have a background and a few loose decisions on what I want. The first thing to decide is how I'm going to tool up and what, if necessary, compromises I might need to make. Normally I'd have 1000 to spend on everything but fortunately for me (as I mentioned in part one) I didn't have to do much in the first turn so at the start of the new turn I earned an additional 70. Lucky spiv!

First off I want all my boys to have sub machine guns. Looking at the skills I can see that 'gunner' is also the way to go. I like the idea of not having a penalty for hitting moving targets. It also fits in with the background nicely and reflects the hard training and bitter experience they'd have gained over the years. My leader will only have a pistol but everyone has knives.

With all that in mind, I needed to make sure they can shoot well. Fighting isn't as important just yet so I've given them Range 8 and Melee 5. They've all got 4 action points except the leader (hell lets make him a Captain) who has 5.

How 'awesome' a character is is critical to how the game plays. I don't want to have a 'twuntish' crew so I've given them all level 8. Over time I can push my Captain up to 9 or even 10 but not right at the beginning.

Obviously I want to keep him alive so I've given him a skidsuit. I'll hand those out to the other lads as the campaign progresses but keeping my Captain alive is top priority (plus as the leader he gets the best kit).

If you can, you should be giving a skidsuit to as many of your gang members as possible. Having one means you can use your DR should you fall off a vehicle. For 10 points it makes a massive amount of sense. Unless of course its a goon. In that case just laugh it off, they're only cannon fodder!

The raw stats for the guys come out with the soldiers costing 74, the Captain costing 147 and my driver costing 69. Obviously this is without the skills and equipment. Adding in a pistol (40), knives (3), submachine gun (60), skid suit (10) and finally gunner and driver skills rounds them up quite well.

So my Captain finally works out at 200, the Driver is 79 and each Soldier works out at 147. This is fairly rounded and you can see I've sacrificed points on my driver for the moment. The Captain is fairly tooled up but he's not that much beyond my soldiers and I think this suits the background quite well. Choosing two soldiers as well raises the total spend to 573 so far. Remember that I had 1070 to start so I have 497 to spend on my truck. We'll look at that in part three.

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