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Mayhem in Junktown

The Campaign Rules

Junktown was built on the intersection of five main roads. It is a large fortified settlement, offering shelter to travellers and serving as the market town for the surrounding area. Much traffic passes through its gates and so merchants can make a good wage selling their wares. Junktown itself is held by the powerful Frindly Panda Chemical Corperation (the FPCC). They buy raw materials at a good price and sell refined compounds of the highest quality. Hence they have established a very well organised operation. They also employ a huge standing force to protect Junktown, enforce it laws and collect taxes from all dealing within its duratiction. The FPCC does not look to expend its jurastiction beyond its borders. It remains a neutral faction offering a haven to the often militant marketeering gangs that operate in the surrounding area. Rich trade also brings in bandits and theives, but as long as they behave and pay thier dues then all are welcomed and protected within the walls of the Junktown. The area around Junktown has traditionally been controlled by the Ironstrike Clan. Untill lately, they operated out of the fotified stronghold of Ironstrike Castle. The surrounding area is rich in resources, and the Ironstrike family ammased a fortune and acrued much power through skillfull exploitation. However, the late head of the clan, Old Claus Ironstike, was a bad leader. He split the clan and enraged many of the family heads with his bad desision making and downright rudeness sparking an inter-clan fued. This fued has proven to be the undoing of the clan, as the families have spend thier fortunes buturing each other! The recent death of Old Claus has driven the final nail into the coffin of the Ironstrikes. Thier powerbase has eroded and brought down thier empire. Those remaining of the family have gathered under the leadership of Jurgen. With his diminished clan gang he now wanders the wastes, hiring out his considerable skills to the highest payer. Bandits and euntrpreneurs have begun muscling in on territories once held by the clan, and war is looming. Who will be the first to dominate the area? The outcome depends on wether you have the muscle, fortitude, wit and luck to fend of your enemies whilst claiming thier lands! Here are rules for playing the campaign "Mayhem in Junktown". Up to 18 players may take part. One person should be nominated as the campaign organiser. They may play as well, but will many opertunities to cheat, so its best if its the most trust worthy player to be campaign organiser! Starting points The campaign organiser picks where on the map each player starts. Each palyer is given one map area. This is their starting point, it is the one territory that a player starts the campaign with. No player may start in junktown. Players then try to control all the other sterritories on the map. It is best to make sure that no one started too near or far away from anyone else, as this will affect the way people expand into new teretories. Try to start all players eqidistand from eachother.

Campaign Turns

The campaign is divided up into 15 campaign turns. At the start of each campaign turn, players gain bonuses from any territory they control. The bonus is awarded to the controlling player as shown below. See "territory bonus" After that, players may declare that they are expanding into a new teretory. Players must write down the territory they wish to expand into and hands it secretly to the campaign organiser. The campaign organiser must then update the map. If players expand into an unocupied territory then they claim it as their own. If players wish to expand into a territory already owned by another player then a game of Nuclear Renaissance is played. The winner takes the territoy from the loser. If two or more players choose to expand into the same unoccupied territory they must play a game of Nuclear Renaissance to determine who claims it. Players may upgrade their gang at any point in a campaign turn, except while actually playing a game of Nuclear Renaissance. When a player claims a new territory update the campaign map to show the new owner. They will start getting the benefits of the new territory next campaign turn. Players may only make one expansion into new territory each campaign turn. However, they may be attacked by several other players. This will mean that they must play several games of nuclear renaissance in just one campaign turn. When all territory disputes have been resolved, the campaign turn ends and a new one begins.


Whoever controls the most teratories after 15 campaign turns wins. A player with zero territories is out of the campaign.

Choosing Scenarios

When 2 or more gangs meet up you will need to select a scenario. Roll on the scenario choosing table, unless the teretory in despute is one that allows the defender or attacker to choose.

Territory bonus

If a player controls a territory they gain a bonus for it. This bonus is awarded at the start of each campaign turn.

    Upwaste - Lost tresure - Roll a d10 once per campaign turn, on a 10 recive 70 rep points.
    Death hole - Scavange mining equipment - 10% off all vehicle upgrades (rounding down)
    Top road - Road tolls - +10 rep per campaign turn.
    Ironstrike mountains - Rough terain - Defending player chooses scenario when this teretory is fought over.
    Castle Ironstrike (start point- Gill) - Moochin' cash from rich folk - +10 rep per campaign turn.
    Deadman hills - Chums with the local rednecks - +1 to recovery rolls.
    Green zone - A fine trade in furs 'n' skins - Skid suits, arseless chaps and pimping threads half price (rounding down)
    Big Mumma's - Pleanty of ale and pub lunches - +5 rep per campaign turn. All food items half price (rounding down)
    Castle way - Traders - Re roll one campaign map efect that involves rolling a die.
    Dark hills - Theres gold in them hills, but not much - +5 rep per campaign turn.
    The chem spill - Selling stuff that makes you see unicorns - Roll a d10 once per campaign turn, on a 9 or 10 recive 30 rep points.
    Waterway - No cash, no drink - +10 rep per campaign turn.
    Long waste - Robbin' lost chaps - +5 rep per campaign turn.
    Town with no laws - Town defences - + 5 rep per campaign turn. Defending player chooses scenario when this teretory is fought over.
    Outlaw country - The local trade (that being killing and stealing) - +5 rep per campaign turn.
    Red Ron's - Gambling - Roll a d10 once per campaign turn, on a 9 or 10 recive 30 rep points.
    Downwaste - Theivin' from travelers - +5 rep per campaign turn.
    Smallokton - Town healer - My reroll one recovery roll after each game.

Campaign Map