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Converting your vehicle using the Vehicle Upgrade kit

PLEASE NOTE. This article was written for a set of armour plates that are now out of production. The kit was split up into the armour plates that are now available in the shop in the tridlins section

After the apocalyptic ruin of the world, little remains of standardisation. The main philosophy of the hard pressed people of this time is: that if it works, go with it. As a result, vehicles tend to be somewhat Ramshackle in appearance. Spare parts are hard to come by, as are raw materials, so anything ingenious mechanics can lay their hands on usually ends up as part of their latest job! This offers huge scope to modelers, whatever their experience level. Odd pieces can be glued together, reflecting the attitude held by the vehicle owners themselves. Whole rigs can be scratch built, using whatever is to hand. This is where the vehicle upgrade kit comes in.

The vehicle upgrade kit is a very versatile set. It can be used to personalise your models. Its very simple to use. Just glue the pieces you like on the outside of your vehicle! We use either superglue or epoxy glues. The halfute is an example of this. I used the weapon from the kit mount as a grenade launcher, I only had to add a barrel. I also glued on some extra amour plates and the spare wheel.

The Truckapillar also comes with some of the pieces included in the set, and shows how just a few extra panels can really make your models look awesome.

The most fun comes from building your own unique rigs. The Valkerie was designed as a fast people transporter. Its been built using a selection of tridlins, plus the upgrade kit for a few extra bits of shielding. Notice the conversion of the driver. Sam added a helmet using some ProCreate.

The Dunktank is a very impressive beast. The back section was built using the Toad back, plus the vehicle upgrade kit.

In a very similar way, the Party Van is built using the same pieces as the Dunktank. However, as the front is made from the truck and wheels were used instead of tracks. This makes the models look really different each other.

The Mantrain shows how tridlins can be easily combined to make really outlandish models. The only limit is your imagination! Pieces have been reappropriated from their original use. The small turret becomes the front of the boiler, while Gingham's cafe is incorporated into the vehicle too!

Have a look through our tridlins catalog and see what you can come up with!