Production News

Jet Bikes

The Ramshackle Games jet bike set is like Lego but you have to glue it together. Its such a fun kit, loads of parts. You can buy single bikes or get one of our sets. […]


Custom Bike Riders

Custom Bike Riders Customers sometimes send images of their finished models. I always love this and try to get them online. This post is a collection of Ramshackle Games bikes that have had riders added. […]


Orc Truckers

I made an orc truck mounted unit. I did this about 10 years ago! The vehicles were made by mixing some parts from our ranges with other scrap I had lying around! I put the […]


Junk Space Ships

Spaceships! I made a fleet of ships from my Spaceship Detail Kit mixed with junk I had. I have made a web page with high-res photos on it and a bit more of a write […]

20mm Car Part news

Tartan Blast extended tour

Tartan Blast started touring when the world ended, and they’re still going! Blending power dis-chords with blasting noise energy, their take on electro-grind-noise has been hugely successful. You can find Tartan Blast and their rig […]

Nuclear Renaisance


Sci-fi Civilian Vehicles Ratrod It can be so hard to get decent sci-fi civilian vehicles! Here at Ramshackle Games the latest release is the Ratrod, the first in a new range of rigs and haulers […]