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Welcome to the Ramshackle Games Gallery


Legal Disclaimer

Many of the images shown in our gallery contain models or parts of models from other companies. Where possible, the manufacturer or intellectual property holder is acknowledged.

Ramshackle Games in no way claims ownership of all models shown. Ramshackle Games in no way endorses infringement on the intellectual property or copyrights of any other company or individual. Ramshackle Games in no way encourages or condones the use of Ramshackle Games models in conjunction with models or parts of models from any other company. If we have any images here that are deemed unnacceptable to the copyright holders, please contact us immediately. If any models are uncredited please let us know who makes them and we will update the entries.

However, many of the images shown do include parts from other companie's and as the images have been sent to us or aquired from the internet we are happy to show them. We receive many requests for images showing the scale of Ramshackle models in relation to other companies models. With these points in mind, the gallery is a way to encourage customers to have fun with their models and as a way to gauge scale. All images of products not produced by Ramshackle Games are shown here without consent from the copyright or intellectual property holders.

By clicking the link below, all viewers of the gallery acknowledge that Ramshackle Games does not accept any liability for the end use of any models or parts of models, howsoever used. The gallery user also acknowledges that Ramshackle Games in no way condones the use of their product in conjunction with products from other companies. The user also accepts that images shown do not in any way depict suggested or condoned end use.

I accept the above written conditions and will view the images with the intent and in the spirit they are shown, specifically as examples of fun models produced by end users and as scale reference.