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Nuclear Renaissance Factions

The factions, gangs and hordes of the wasteland

As most folk are sociable they tend to group up and form loose factions. These grouping are formed for many reasons. Protection, like minded attitudes and location are all factors that bring people together. Some are large, well organised armies like the Friendly Panda Chemical Corporation. Others are small bands of thugs and drinking buddies. Some like the mutants aren't even really factions, more loose groupings of the afflicted, shunned by others, who find compatriotism with their fellows!

The Wolf Clan

As is said, many animals died in the final Nuclear conflict. The land was poisoned, and species died out as their habitats were destroyed. However, the tenacious have lingered. The serpents still slither on their bellies, the carrion birds circle and wheel in the skies and the wolf howls on the plain. Indeed the wolves have prospered. They are intelligent hunters and canny scavengers. It is only to be expected that man copies them in these leaderless times. Wolves may be feral hunters and cunning trap layers, but they are also nurturing parents, and highly social animals. Stories abound of children abandoned in the wastes being taken in by the wolves and raised as part of the pack. Indeed, many folk of the wolf clan owe their lives to the wolf mothers who suckled them. The wolf clan is as close as it gets in the wastes to a religion. They are a cult who worship wolf deities, and are held in thrall by their beliefs. They reckon that the way of life is to hunt and prey upon the weak, that the pack is the highest authority in all matters. The alpha members lead the rest of the packs towards goals unknown outside of the clan. Greycoats, Long Fangs and Black Wolves prowl the wastes looking for fresh meat. All protect the cubs and mothers. These are the castes of the wolf clan. The older Grey coats are the wisest of them. The long fangs the seasoned war veterans, and the Black Wolves the young fighting elite. Most feared though are the Wolf Brides, who are said to practice witch craft. Strange powers of the moon send them into trances, when it is said they are granted powers by the wolf goddess, The White Wolf. Wolf and human are not regarded as separate, and while Wolves cannot speak the tongue of man, man lacks many wisdoms that a lupine mind can teach. There is no distinction in the castes between the two races of animal. They live as symbiotes. Man and wolf are free to take a bride of either species. Those married to wolf ride as cavalry on their steeds, with the free wolves running alongside as their nomadic lifestyles take them far and wide. To keep stride, the people of the tribe often use vehicles. Some travel ahead as scouts, and some even go as prophets. They spread the creed of the wolf cult, and enlist new members. This keeps the human side of the tribe vital and abreast of technology, a necessity out in the poisoned lands they make their home. Most full moons, people of the boneyards stay indoors. The howls they hear are not just of the wolf, but of man too.

The Neo-Reich

The Neo-Reich are a small elitist faction of hard line disciplinarians based in the catacombs. From the murky half-lit hell in which they dwell they launch lightning raids, before disappearing back to their troglodyte home from whence they came. They are one of the most organised and well motivated factions in the wastes, believing in efficiency, self sacrifice and order in all things, zealously striving to forge a new Empire, or ‘Reich’ based on their extreme meritocratic ideals. They are almost universally feared and loathed, as their vision of a new world order is in now way flexible or open to diversions based on compassion or compromise. They are brutal, cold, inflexible but above all, effective. Their numbers are small, largely due to their own high standards when recruiting new initiates, but ever growing and their lightning raids are beginning to look ever more like the foundations for a war of conquest than simple hit and runs. In war they favor close assault tactics over ranged conflict and small numbers of well equipped and well trained troops to mass assault. The armored infantry of the Neo-Reich are some of the best equipped troops in the wastes, certainly the only political entity to have any notion of standardization of equipment as well as the means to produce new items rather than simply scavenge. Their warriors are all well versed in close quarters fighting, and their underground realm has bread into them a natural affinity for CQB, particularly in night time conditions. Their allies are few and far between, although they have been known to have dealings with some characters of note, such as Stanton and, less frequently, El Honcho.


Bandlerd is a rich town. It can be found near the verdant spill, and its main industry is the brewing of the local plants into fuel. People travel form far around, because Bandlerd is never short of this resource, and supply is cheap. Unsurprisingly though, it is a very well defended town. Because of its wealth it attracts those who would make a fast Nugget or many. This can be the more honest route of working in the brewsheds, defending the town in the local security forces or often providing ancillary products to the thriving population. However, there are those who seek to make their money through less honorable ways, and so gangs of hustlers, gamblers and thieves prowl Bandlerds streets. On several occasions large bands have lain siege to try to take over the whole town at once! However, the Keeper of the Keys of Bandlerd is charged with defense and equipped to do the job properly. The current Keeper of the Keys is Jonash Longstock, a keen witted tactician and great negotiator. His vision and forethought is turning Bandlerd into a mighty citadel.

Isembard Kickass Brunel

Brunel is an innovator. He is a man of engineering. The re-learning of lost technology has been advanced by Brunel more than any other person. He specialises in the macro machine, constructions of vast proportions. For this man, bigger is most definitely better. He refuses to do anything on half measures. He and his workers have built themselves some marvels of gargantuan size. He has built a factory town is situated in a steep gorge, with a humongous iron bridge spanning its width. This is used as a platform for his vast cranes which haul plates of iron of such vast weight that no other cranes built can even move them. His smelting vats and blast furnaces seldom rest, as he forges ever larger devices and feats of engineering. Brunel as a man is driven. He is determined in mind. He is also a good man. His ideal is to rebuild the world as it was before. He wishes for roads, bridges, communication and supply. His final goal is to build a sea-worthy ship that can sail out to discover the lands that he believes lie to the east and west. However, resources are hard to acquire, and while he has lofty ideals, he still needs money to buy the materials for his personal projects. He can be hired, at a cost. It is rumored that at this he is working for Jonash Longstock, constructing a giant cannon. It is said to be for the defense of the town of Bandlerd, and when finished will have literally unbelievable range and stopping power.


The mutants are not really a faction as such, or even a gang. More a group of similarly afflicted unfortunates thrown together by shared circumstance who congregate about the Great Vent. The Mutants are a byproduct of the Renaissance in a more literal sense than any other inhabitant of the wastes, bearing the physical deformities inflicted by the background radiation so prominently that they have become their defining feature. Few mutations are beneficial, most are crippling afflictions, or at best horrifying abnormalities, although a rare few can be put to practical use, mainly in the field of dismembering ones prey. The mutants have no distinct hierarchy or leadership. They exist as a gestalt organism, a shambling herd. Migrating about their lands grazing. Grazing on human Flesh. The mutants are not just an unsightly rabble of freaks, but a horrendous pack of ghouls, incapable, or unwilling to subsist from agriculture or scavenging, preferring to prey on their fellow man. What makes them all the more hideous is that most are not mindless zombies, but fully sentient beings with a grim understanding of the atrocities they commit on a daily basis. This not only makes their sickening acts of survival pre-mediated murder, but ensures that they can make use of their victims technology. Whilst they lack the resources or know how to develop a great deal of technology themselves, they are never short of vehicles looted from their last meal. Where it not for the resources to be found around the great vent few would venture near it, and the mutants would have no source of sustenance. But mans greed keeps him coming to the Vent seeking riches and thus keeps the mutants fed, ensuring they remain not only as grim sentinels watching over their radioactive realm, but also as a grim reminder of the consequences of mans continued greed.

The Scrap Knights

The Scrap Knights are the smallest faction in the wastes to hold any real renown. However their miniscule amount of manpower is offset by their ferocious elitism. This is not to say they are as closed minded as the Neo Reich, or as down right unpredictable as the giggles clan, but their methods are not those of great conquests and statesmanship. Rather small adventurous expeditions, normally for lost technology, demanding only the most stalwart of souls and deadly of combatants. Their three core members or the three S's as they are colloquially known, are Stanton, Staveley and Stirling. They have no clear leader, preferring to act as a council. A fact that means should one of the three ever fall a new Knight would have to be promoted to the upper echelons, a process with no precedent. Besides the three scrap knights there are an ever fluctuating number of 'scrap-squires'; A ragged mix of wide eyed hopefuls, desperate hangers-on and the odd blood thirsty loon who's spent a little too long in bat country.

All Scrap Knights share a distinctive fighting style, being very defensive, waiting on an opening in an enemy’s defence into which they can launch a lightning fast counter strike or grapple. Amongst the wastes they currently hold a monopoly on the knowledge of the most deadly close combat techniques, but are willing to train those who would serve with them for a fixed term. The Neo-Reich in particular trains many of its assault troops with the scrap knights in exchange for metals and other resources and the Wolf clan occasionally send a young brave to spar with them.

On the field the Scrap knights favour the heaviest of heavy armour and fast transports, which goes some way to compensating for their idiosyncratic eschewing of ranged weapons. This odd and arguably counter productive behaviour is due to their strict honour code. In the wastelands being captured by the Scrap Knights is one of the few instances of incarceration which is not guaranteed to end in execution. Although one of the three high council members, Phabian Stirling, has been known to turn a blind eye to the honour code on more than one occasion, but is sufficiently cunning as to have gotten away with it thus far.

The Wasteland Loonies

The Wasteland Loonies started out like any other good for nothing gang of thieves, murderers all round scum. Thats how it started, until one day they signed up a young, enthusiastic psycho whose original name is now lost to history. At some point in his career, he took a wound to the head and somewhat mentally unbalanced, taking the Loonies anarchistic lifestyle to heart, renaming himself General Anarchy and proclaiming a crusade against any who would consider themselves organised. The Wasteland Loonies now wander from place to place tearing down town walls, burning meeting halls and brutally killing any forms of local government. The now infamous General Anarchy seems to have inspired a movement of sorts, as now, along with his original Wasteland Loonies there are other such gangs with similar goals, including King Burger's Outland Anarchists and The Harlequin Boys led by Big Daddy Harlequin. They all compete with each other to perform the biggest, wildest stunt in the name of their cause. All of them are wildly disorganised, brutally violent and totally insane. Avoid if possible.

The Nomads

The Nomads are an enigmatic group, if a group they can be called, an odd mix of tribal family groups and technically adept raiders. Whilst they have no real centralised leadership the rovers of the wastes seem to share some obscure unspoken bond of brotherhood and will band together when the need arises. Common folk tend to eye them with suspicion and even a degree of superstition. It is commonly held that it is bad luck to cross the shadow of a Nomad. Their aura of mystique is largely down to the seclusion in which they live. When they do deign to venture into a bone-yard or settlement (for purposes other than theft) they do so in virtual silence. The only times they will tend to communicate with a townsman is to barter or request services. How the Nomads survive whilst meandering about the wastes is something of a mystery, but their lives are certainly Spartan ones, meaning nomads tend to be lithe, wiry figures, better suited to acts of stealth and light fingered acquisition of goods than open warfare. However if crossed the Nomads are a baleful force. They will emerge from the dust of the wasteland without warning,. Striking at a target with a mix of feral brutality and eerie precision, usually favouring long ranged weapons, then melt back into the unknown from whence they came.

The Friendly Panda Chemical Corporation

The Friendly Panda Chemical Corporation is a powerful, ruthless organisation operating out of the town of Junktown, which they own. They make most of their money through sales of various chemicals, both recreational and industrial. They also make a plenty of profit from gate tolls and the protection rackets inside Junktown. The town is protected and kept (mostly) quiet by an army of Friendly Panda enforcers. These are for the most part poorly trained and low paid thugs in uniforms, but they do maintain some elite shock troops in case of emergencies. However, their power, at least in a direct military sense, stops at the walls of Junktown, for if there were a drop in the amount of troops on the walls, every mutant, bandit and nomad in the area would be at the gates within hours.