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The World as is known at the time of the Nuclear Renaissance

No one knows when the great purge occurred. The date is irrelevant.

Whatever arbitrary point pre-history was recorded from became meaningless compared with the scourging of most Macro scale life from the face of the planet. The reasons for the cataclysm are similarly obscure and moot.

All that matters, all that anyone has the luxury to dwell upon is the here and now, pragmatic concerns, survival.

The Thermonuclear holocaust made of the earth a Darwinian petri-dish. Those who hadn't the strength of character to fend for themselves, or the resolve to face the barren hell the world had become, fell into obsolescence and where swiftly removed from the evolutionary equation.

The world and it's people's are forever changed. Greed for it's own sake is an alien concept when the greatest riches one can aspire to is survival through another day. Those who will not stand and fight for their beliefs can no longer shield themselves beneath a blanket of hollow intellectual platitudes. Decadence, apathy, cowardice. All purged from humanities psyche. Stagnation through monopolisation, corruption amongst untouchable governments and religious fanaticism born out of the rantings of long dead hucksters and troubadours. All ostracised from the realms of feasibility. Humanity has changed. Its has emerged from a nuclear fire sparked by it's own hand, burned, irreparably scared but galvanised. Tempered. Strengthened. So it was that the great purge, the thermonuclear wakeup call for mankind became known as...

The Nuclear Renaissance.

Stanton's hypothesis on geography.

The way I sees it we're on an island. Anyone who's the scrotox to go a wandering will tell ye that you goes far enough in any given direction you reach the sea. The obvious question is which island are we on? It's one of the smaller one's that's for sure. If we where on a bloody great continent like asiatica which housed Scythia, Mongholia and Messerpertrania you could walk until you dropped dead without hitting anything beyond the wasteland. The climate doesn't tell us a great deal, after the renaissance I'd imagine that changed pretty much across the board, but your guess is as good as. Still, it's not hotter than a bath full of Lesbians, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say where not around the equator, so that puts us somewhere in the temperate regions, be they north or south, not that the bloody compass means owt nowadays. And that's about your lot. Based on what we know, which ain't a whole swiv load, we could be on Sicilia, Aengeland, Newziland, Madasgascar, Nipson, take your pick.

So how do we find out and more to the point why go to the effort? Well as to the how you can either pick some random point in the middle of the nowhere and measure the distance to the coast from there. Rinse and repeat for a few years and you might, heavy bloody emphasis on the might there, get an idea of the shape of the place your on, which you could then cross reference with one of the old maps. Assuming they are complete and accurate. Other than that I suppose you could try making yourself a bloody great boat and sailing off into the great beyond and seeing if that sheds any light on anything. Doubt it would though. The few blokes I've heard had a bash at it either didn't get bloody far, bottled it and came back after a few weeks or washed up dead.

So why be arsed with all that? Well whose to say if the rest of the world is as royally swived as wherever the hell we are? Might be a bloody utopia by comparison. Oh I very much doubt it but who knows? Fact of the matter is though, that most folk would want to know. Thats what makes humanity great after all, curiosity. If we weren't such a bloody curious lot we'd have never got much beyond the cave age. Swiv, if we weren't so curious, we'd never have learnt how to fuse atoms and blow ourselves all to....well to wherever the swiving hell we are.

Even more than that I'd like to know who we are, from whom where descended. Who knows, it might even lead us to know why the renaissance happened. But it all just comes back to pre-programmed human instinct for curiosity, for better or worse it's hard-coded so we might as well go with it.

A map of the known wastes