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If you are looking for a new 28mm skirmish game to play but don’t want a heavy rule set to wade through and memorize then Mini Gangs is for you! If you want a game to get your kids playing table top games then Mini Gangs is for you!

Mini Gangs is a skirmish game designed to be simple to play. The game is divided into three different ways to play, Gateway, Casual and Hardcore. Gateway is the basic core rules, and is designed for beginner and children. Casual is the next level of game. It adds loads of equipment and skills. These are on cards, so are really easy to play with and Casual makes a great choice for laid back gaming sessions. Hardcore adds a full points system and is for more advanced players who want to design forces, scenarios and campaigns.


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Mini Gangs is a new rule set from Ramshackle Games that combines ease of play with great strategic options resulting in a quick game with loads of depth. Its ideal for short club games, for playing a campaign and for getting begginers into tabletop battle games.

Mini Gangs can be played in three different ways, each appealing to a different level of gamer.


A simple and easy game for beginners. Mini Gangs Gateway is designed to teach beginners how to play table top strategy games. It great for children of 6 years or older as the simple rules mean its easy to understand. It is also good for adults who have never played model based games before. It teaches all the core concepts that are used in more complex games.






















A game for easy play and deep strategy. Mini Gangs Casual adds a deck of cards. These cards represent equipment, weapons and skills for your gang. This adds a layer of depth to the basic rules which makes it ideal for quick games. Whilst being simple, Casual makes for rewarding play. Mini Gangs Casual is great for club or gaming groups as it is a fast paced multi player game.

Ramshackle Games - Mini Gangs Example Cards
Ramshackle Games – Mini Gangs Example Cards








Mini Gangs offers some impressive figure ramges to go with the game or add to your existing game.












A sophisticated in-depth gaming experience. Mini Gangs Hardcore features a full points system, campaign rules and scenarios. It expands the game to be a tool for playing any skirmish level encounters with the minimum of inconvenience.



Figure Range





Please check out the posts about each of the game types for more information or visit the web shop.

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