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Mini Gangs can be played in three different ways,each aimed at a different kind of player.  Gateway is the basic core rules of Mini Gangs and is ideal for beginners. Casual is for experienced players who want a simple, easy game to play relaxed “pickup” games with. Hardcore is for advanced players and is broader and deeper allowing for campaign play and complex scenarios.

This article will take a look at Casual. Please click the images to link to a higher quality version.

Mini Gangs Casual is played using the basic rules laid out in Mini Gangs Gateway. These rules can be freely downloaded from the Ramshackle Games downloads page. A deck of cards is added to the game to turn it from Gateway into Casual. The cards represent equipment, abilities and skills. These have some extra rules. The cards and their rules add a whole new level of gameplay to Mini Gangs. Each player is dealt eight cards which they assign to the four figures in their gangs. These might include new guns,  grenades,  armour or skills. Each card has its rules written on it so they are easy to use during play. The cards drawn and the way players combine these with their figure’s different abilities allow players to adopt more strategies than in Gateway.

Some sample Mini Gangs cards

Casual is great for simple quick games. The way the cards are dealt means that each game gives a different combination of options for the players. This kind of game is great for players who want an easy fun game to relax with. Its great for club play where members are after a new game but “cant be bothered” to learn a whole book full of rules! Its not to hard to get a game together in the pub!The simplicity of the game mechanics make it seem like it will be a very basic game. However with the huge combination of different cards it means that players have to think carefully about how and when to use them to win. New strategic ploys can be used too, where equipment and skills make the characters powerful or vulnerable. Even with four players the games take less than an hour to play so it really is a lightweight but strategic game.

The game is very easy to transport and setup. Players each have four figures in their gang. The game board is usually 50 x 50cm, so the scenery, rules and four gangs fit easily in a small backpack.

The Ironstrike Clan

As well as the ease of transport, its not hard for most players to be able to make and paint a new gang for gaming with. Alternatively, as the game uses archetypes to represent the different battlefield roles, its easy for gamers to simply delve into their extant collection and bung together a gang.

So if you and your gaming group are looking for a fun and lightweight new rule set then Mini Gangs Casual is ideal. The game can be bought from our shop and comes with everything needed for play.

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  1. This looks like so much fun. Really looking forward to hearing more about all three levels of play!

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