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Mini Gangs HardCore


Mini Gangs can be played in three different ways, each aimed at a different kind of player. Gateway is the basic core rules of Mini Gangs and is ideal for beginners. Casual is for experienced players who want a simple, easy game to play relaxed “pickup” games with. Hardcore is for advanced players and is broader and deeper allowing for campaign play and complex scenarios.

This article will take a look at Hardcore. Please click the images to link to a higher quality version.

Mini Gangs Hardcore uses the basic rules from Gateway, plus the extra rules from Casual and adds a points system. Hardcore does away with the four figure gang structure and lets players choose which models they want to use. All of the Mini Gangs Cards have points values, and these are listed in the rule book. Players agree a a points limit, then construct their gang from the character classes they want, and equip them as they choose.

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Hardcore also adds a campaign system. This lets players in a group string games together and develop their gang over and evening or over an extended play period of weeks or months. It covers rules to let players who miss gaming sessions to catch up with the other players too, so its great for group play.

Hardcore is a really simple system, so it lets players and organisers to concentrate on the story elements of the games they play. Its a very flexible system, so detailed scenarios can be easily invented and populated with NPCs and special victory conditions. The system of very simple character types combined with the large array of skills and equipment mean it takes no time to organise the opposing forces for a game and get playing.

The three different elements of Mini Gangs build on each other.

As a way to teach new players how table top games works Mini Gangs is really useful. Gateway is so simple that people who have never played model games can join in. Once players are familiar with the concepts, moving onto Casual adds in a layer of complexity and strategy without adding loads of complex gang building. It teaches more complex aspects of model gaming. Hardcore then takes these basic elements and opens them up as a construction kit. This lets players be really expressive with their games without tedious or randomised gang creation and without tons of contradictory special rules.

To sum up, Mini Gangs Hardcore is a great game engine for players who want to game, not spend hours slaving over their paper work! Hardcore will also be expanded with free download rules. Future expansions planned are vehicles, plus a scenario construction kit.

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