New Kickstarter Hagworld Critters

Hagworld Critters

Hagworld Critters

Hagworld Critters is a set of 10 resin model beasties for gaming with.

Hagworld Critters Hagworld Critters is a set of 10 resin model beasties for gaming with.

I am pleased to announce the launch of Hagworlds Critters a fun little Kickstarter to help get this project on the table.
This campaign brings with it a sense of fun and quirky miniatures along with a bizare back story.

“Hagworld occupies an oddly renown space in the feral back waters of the galaxy. Being a fertile world with earth-like atmosphere, it sports a rich bio-diversity. Many exobiologists have made their careers studying the fauna of Hagworld. Gathered here are the finest specimens the world has to show!”

The Critters of Hagworld is a collection of 10 resin figures, scaled to use in 28mm gaming. These intricate figurines were sculpted by Nelly Hicking who previously made the Mushrooms set available on our web site..

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are extremely popular ways for small startups to raise money and make their ideas a reality. So if the funding goal is met, the project goes into production and the early-adopters receive their product, Well that’s the plan at least. Will this be completed? well Ramshackle Games has successfully run nine previous Kickstarter projects. All the rewards were delivered before the deadline.

The aim of this project is to raise the cost of the mould making rubber and materials. As can be seen, the master moulds and casts have been produced already. The models shown are the same as will be delivered to the backers.

If demand for the models massively exceeds the expectations of Ramshackle Games, the delivery deadline may be extended. We will keep backers informed of any changes as necessary.

Hagworld Critters -- Kicktraq Mini
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