BOYL gaming event

Every year Garth and Dianne organise an amazing weekend of gaming at the Foundry Miniatures store at Stokes Hall. This is the great BOYL, an Oldhammer event. For the last two years I have presided over a huge 6′ x 12′ post apocalyptic board based on the Helsreach background pages from the 1988 Warhammer 40,000.  Gamers each bring a gang of crazy models drawn from the plethora of awesome wargaming models produced in the last thirty-odd years. Its super fun!

Ominous portents draw occult travellers into the web of imagination!

This game is so fun for me as its a time that I can get out all my scenery. Aidan (WarFactory) provided the gaming matt and alot of the desert scatter terrain. Danny (Mattblackgod) also brought his awesome collection of buildings to flesh out the town. Thanks guys! the table looked really great again this year.

The desert outside Helreach is no place for the timid!

I made some civillian vehicles for the game. I realised that the Ramshackle Games range doesn’t have any driver-less seats, steering wheels or other parts for making vehicles that are unmanned. This can be really important in a skirmish game where characters are getting in and out to achieve their goals. I remedied that and previewed these new models at the show. They will be available soon.

Nibl’s scavvies were made by Games Workshop

We also ran a huge 15 player jet bike race! The game was designed mainly by Aidan, with some formative bullying from myself! Its a super quick multi player game, we got through it in about 45 minutes. Aidan should be posting it soon to his blog at WarFactory, which I linked to above.

Engines revving, the jet bikes await the starting gun!

It was a great chance to take some cool photos. Here is an unreleased orc who had previously won the jetbike race cup! The image is set at the outlaw trading post in the badlands outside the town.

Curis (Ninjabread) also brought his painted and modified Boomwagon, which was painted really amazingly! Curis is also a seasoned hand in the wargames industry and I was able to pick his brain for good advice. Thanks!


I have more images that Im posting up here. They are really high res so please be patient for it to load.

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  1. Very good!!! I love the helsreach setting you have built. your miniatures are fantastic. I hope in the future to participate in this event and meet you in person.

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