Toy Cars: Larger Scale Crew

Crew Larger Scale

Ramshackle games recently added a new product to the web store, some slightly larger scale crew for adding to your toy cars. This set is scaled slightly larger than 20mm, with the humans being about 23mm from the floor to the top of their heads. This would make them nominally about 1/64 scale.

The biggest issue and challenge for gamers of post apocalyptic games and models is the scale difference between model cars and vehicles. The drift between ranges mean that correct scales as understood by modellers differs, especially between the eye and correct scale. So what we decided was that to get around this one we would sculpt up a range of model components that fit better with our favourite toy cars. They fit better at 23mm  or approximately 1/64 scale. 

Below are some close ups of the models, but fist is an image of the toy cars used and who makes them. Card and wooden skewers were also used to fit the models to the cars and to cover the windows.

SO here are the close ups. The web shop has even more photos on it, including the unpainted resin, so please follow this link to see them.


Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Toy cars are not included in the set. Cars shown are Hotwheeels and Matchbox, used without permission.

Here is a guide to using the kit and making your own awesome vehicles.

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