Team Copernicus

Mark Blackbird has sent in some amazing photos of his latest Gaslands team. These photos are really great as Mark shows how he build the team up, plus loads of close-ups. Handily Mark also took a photo of the set of parts he got from Ramshackle Games, the 20mm Car Conversion Set.

The team is is a mix of different cars, plus the huge truck and the awesome tank, so first lets have a look at the cars in Team Copernicus. First is a set of images of the toy cars used and the conversions. You can see Mark added some legs and other fittings with Kneadadite Green Stuff, as well as mesh and other materials.

Mark also sent a photo of his early paint job, with just the basic team colours laid in.

The photos of the finished cars follow. The weathering on these is really superb.

Mark took some really nice extreme close-ups of the cars too, which show the detail and care on this build.

The truck has had as much detail lavished upon it as the cars, and again Mark sent some awesome step-by-step photos.

Here are the photos of the finished model.

The tank also gets some focus and great images.

We hope you enjoyed these cool vehicles. If you have any photos of projects you made using Ramshackle Games products please let us know!


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