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Sausage Fingers

Sausage Fingers is a great hulking waste-troll. People of the wastes often grow to immense size and bulk due to containments and birth defects. As you can see, Sausage Fingers is equipped and ready for life in the deep waste.


The figure was sculpted by Sam Horsburgh.

As with all Ramshackle Games resin figures they can be had for £4 each!

They can also be chosen as a “Pick and Mix” set of any 5 for £10 or any 10 for £18.

Remember this also included world wide shipping!

Yes this means it actually costs me money to send you out a single figure, but hey, if you want to try out a Ramshackle Games figure I will do everything I can to get it out to you!

Click here to go to the web shop entry for Sausage Fingers.
Click here to go to the web shop entry for our range of figures and the Pick and Mix figure sets.

Sausage Fingers is packed with character and amazing details.


Have a look at the front and back photos of the unpainted cast.

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