Tartan Blast extended tour

Tartan Blast started touring when the world ended, and they’re still going! Blending power dis-chords with blasting noise energy, their take on electro-grind-noise has been hugely successful. You can find Tartan Blast and their rig of speakers on the Ramshackle Games web store!

The singer, Megaton-Meg, screams her cacophonic wail-dirge while commanding a major stage presence.

The keyboardist, Hasha Block-Party, unleashes well timed blasts of midi-samples to devastate the crowd. Her samples vary from performance to performance and she uses the screams of the dying recorded in battle along side audience samples in real time.

This kit is idea for players who want a huge sound rig on their Matchbox or Hotwheels sized toy vehicle. The speakers are supplied unassembled so they also make great set-dressing for your town or race track. Make sure all the fans can hear the announcements, or rock them from your mobile sound-blaster.
The painted model in the photos above is a Funline tow car. I used it without permission as an illustration of scale. Below are the materials I used to convert the car and mount Tartan Blast.

Here is the finished conversion before painting.

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