Order of the Knights of Grimdark

Occasionally Ramshackle Games will accept painting commissions. The Order of the Knights of Grimdark are the latest army to roll off the painting table. They represent a Bretonian order of questing knights, who having fallen upon misfortune are turning to chaos!

Please follow the link below to go to a page for more and higher resolution images of the models:

The shield designs were cropped from medieval paintings and printed onto paper, before being cut out and glued to the models. The add great detail to a simple paint job. Once the weathering is added, they look like each noble knight has his own unique religious art.

The General is as filthy as the rest of the army. The horses and human eyes are oozing brown slime. This is a great trick for making your models look more alive. I used a gloss glass paint to do the effect with, and as it reflects light it makes the models eyes sparkle!

The Pagasii were painted with reference to actual birds. From the left is a hawk, a seagull and a magpie. Using familiar markings on fantasy beasts helps to create a sense of reality within this fantastical world. Birds come in many colours and markings so it can be easy to find a species that fits the theme of your model.

To add a bit of variation and spice to the army, I painted two of the wizards with transparent effect clothes. I think this works with the theme of the army, virtuous heroes falling to the dark depravity of chaos for vainglorious power! A bit crude I guess but a good painting challenge.



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  1. To add a bit of variation and spice to the army, I painted the female wizards with transparent clothes. Obviously what they would have worn back in the day, as opposed to the opaque clothing worn by everyone else. Good call.

    • Well, the knights are all in armour, but could be female. The wizards are all in dresses, so it was more a chance to practice technique!

  2. Very good concept, I dig it! I think in general Armies should be gritty, because war is nasty work, and not look like they are in a parade. Well done.

  3. First of all, amazing job you done ! I m actually strating the painting for a whole bunch of knights for The 9th Age Kingdom of Equitaine, and I would like to go in your way of dusty/mudy look, I m really curious to know how you achieve to have this render of weathering, can we know more about it ? Would be awesome !

    • Werkstein, I paint them in the base colours. Then I do a wash of dirty brown. After that I go in and do a whole load of careful lining in the creases and joins. Then I sort of drybrush the silver on. The shield designs were printed onto paper, cut out and glued on. After that I add splatter with a tooth brush, using the same brown as the armour. Its pretty easy to do, these took about 30 mins each, but I did batch paint them.

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