Custom Bike Riders

Custom Bike Riders

Customers sometimes send images of their finished models. I always love this and try to get them online. This post is a collection of Ramshackle Games bikes that have had riders added. Most of these are Games Workshop models (shown here without permission), with the bikes intended for use as fast cavalry.  The pictures show how easy it is to get your plastic soldiers on to the Ramshackle Games resin bikes. Most are the Scrambler and all the bikes can be had off the web store.

The first set of bikes are from Josh Levine. The featured image on this page is also from Josh, who came to visit the workshop. He even brought the finished bike with him as a present, which is amazing. Thanks Josh!

Here we see the bikes with their base colours done. Josh used parts from several manufacturers, including Pig Iron Productions and Victoria Miniatures.

Next up are some cool images of a bike from Michael Basov.

Here is a very good example of the different customisation its possible to do simple with these bikes. These are by Stephen Stuck.

Next is the Mordian 7th by Joel Moon. The bases work very well with the bikes I think, and the conversions are nicely done.

The biggest force I have been sent images of is this whole detachment of bikers by Xavier Lindsey. The first image is the army ready for conversion.

Xavier also provided some images of the finished models.

Wilphart sent a couple  of images of his wild looking soldiers!

Of course customers don’t just put regimented soldiers on the bikes, which can be used for more post apoc style games. These are from Malcolm Niell.

Ramshackle also has a few bikes with full riders in the cast.

Finally these bikes were done by Monkey Fighter, who even made a cool image edit to set them in a scene.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos. Please contact Ramshackle Games if you would like to share your photos, or let me know if you post them up on Reddit, Facebook or Twitter!

EDIT*** Jon Brooks sent me a couple of photos of his bikes, so here they are!







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