Army of Dewbakuk the Evil

Dewbakuk loves making models, and he is really good at it, but painting? Yeah, he got me to do that! SO this is his amazingly moddled army, painted in section and ongoing. You can see more images at a higher resolution by following this link.

If you yourself have an army that you want painting please contact me here at Ramshackle Games for a quote.

His horde of evil men spill from The Gate!

The shield designs were cut out and glued on. Dewbakuk used some sort of decal cutter on the thin plasticard. Here is a close-up of the command unit.

He also commands a sizable Gnoll contingent.

The leader in detail is below.

The latest addition which I finished painting last week is a horde of goblin archers. I think Dewbakuk intends to add more units to this huge army!

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