Personal Work: Fist Jet Bike

I have been messing around with the jet bikes recently. I have been adding some alternate builds to the web shop. I have also tried adding some third party parts to show just how versatile the kit is! You can make jet bikes for any 28 to 32 mm sci-fi gaming from the big selection of parts. Its like a Lego set! 

This model was made by adding some Games Workshop Space Marine parts to it. The parts are used without Games Workshop’s permission and are not intended as suggested use. They are solely to show how by adding a few parts from your collection you can build a really fun bike! The right arm, back pack and helmet are from the Confrontation magazine sprue of three primaris marines. The left shoulder pad is a 1993 plastic one from the lead and plastic mk7 armour set. I love that box still and am really pleased that the new pads haven’t deviated from the old design.

If you would like the Ramshackle Games parts shown here please contact me. You can also see an assembly guide for the jet bike kit here.

I did some photos with heads from the Ramshackle range. I’m happy to supply bikes with any head you like, just let me know.

Here are the parts I used. You can see all the parts by following this link.

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