Single Player Nuc Ren

If you are looking for a new game to play then now is a great chance. Nuclear Renaissance is a really fun skirmish game, set in the post apocalyptic wastes. Its a fun game that incorperates  very powerful gang creation rules, fully intergrated vehicle rules and easy to play rules! You can build almost any gang you can think of. The full core game can be had for free from the Ramshackle Games downloads page.

I have been asked recently about single player games. The suppliment to Nuclear Renaissance is called The Tome of Tridlins, and includes scenarios to play. I have stripped out the two that make for fun single player games, which again is free on our downloads page

The first scenario is called the Dunger hunt and in single player mode it sets a challenge to beat your score each time you play. The second scenario is more of a generator for a monster or swarm to fight against.

In each scneario stats are given for the antagonists and movement rules laid out. Its a great fun way to build a gang, learn a new game and practice your strategies ready to do battle when the pandemic subsides!


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