Nikos Peart’s Dunger army

Nikos recently sent me some cool images of his Dunger army. He uses the models as stand-ins for playing Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar game. These are some very imaginative models! I love the great colour scheme and the cool conversions.
You can find more of Niko’s cool models on his Twitter feed, Just_Nikos.

Nikos created a very dynamic set of models to game with . These really look like part of a vicious herd of ravening beasties.

The army is lead by a huge  Wild Dungerdon. The blue-faced look is superb, and really themes the army.

The conversions in the army add a lot to the fantastic look overall. The two beasts shown above are Games Workshop models with Dunger faces added.

This is the latest model added to the army.

Going left to right the models are used as Stonehorn, Thundertusk, Mournfang, Yehtee. and Sabre Tusks in his ogre army.
The Thundertusks are the latest additions to the army and Nikos sent me some photos of the process he used converting them up.

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