Da Green One Launches Tank

Its been a crazy two weeks here at Ramshackle Towers. Me and some other guys set up a brand new casting house! Its called Soul Forge Casting.  We have been given a pressure casting set-up for polyurethane resin. This means we are able to go into production with this new process. Very exciting

On top of this we acquired the entire range from Da Green One. The plan is to work our way through the masters, making a set then going onto the next product. Our first product is the Doom Blaster Tank, which is a hefty ginormous great big tank, with a choice of two guns.  It measures 130mm by 190mm and is 90mm high. That is huge! You can get the kit from Ramshackle Games, although we hope to move to a new shop in about a month. You can also see the download the instructions from the assembly guides page.

You can also watch Dread Waaagh Gaming assemble one. You can see the video on YouTube by clicking this link. The tutorial starts at about 11 minutes into the video.

I did a dry fit of our first cast today and its a beast! I have not had time to clean up the cast yet.I also left off the right track to show a bit more of the detail.

The kit is magnificent and even comes with two alternate guns. Here is a shot of the second type.





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