COVID19 figure set

I often make figures for conventions. I have been doing one yearly for Horisont in Denmark, which is super fun. I did an exclusive model for this year, so you can get it there and the 16th to 18th of October 2020. I took that model and resculpted some heads to get the set in the photo here.

However, alot of the conventions in the UK have been cancelled. My favourite one, the oldhammer event BOYL got postponed then finally cancelled, which is a bit disappointing. The one in Poland is going ahead though, so I thought I might as well get some free figures done for that event too. I re-sculpted the head on the model for Horisont and made a set of four strangecharacters.

I’m in a really odd time at the moment. I set up a whole new business this month. Its called Soul Forge Casting, and we have been reissuing Da Green One models. Anyway, as you can imagine, running two businesses at the same time is tons of work! I have been rushed off my feet…but Im also a sucker because I like hard work ;). I want more to pack!

To help jolly the community up a bit in the face of the pandemic, I want to give away free sets of the figures. Crazy I know. If you would like some please contact me. I am happy to add a set of figures to any order from the Ramshackle Games web store. I am also happy to send them out for the price of postage and packing if you don’t want to order any Ramshackle bits.

You can also help by supporting me on Facebook, Twitter, Patreon or if you want to support me a small amount buy me a coffee!

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