Jet Bikes

The Ramshackle Games jet bike set is like Lego but you have to glue it together. Its such a fun kit, loads of parts. You can buy single bikes or get one of our sets. All the parts can be seen on this huge 2meg info graphic. Basically, each bike is made of four “parts” which can be assembled into an amazingly huge array of awesome rides. You can also download a handy assembly guide.

Here is a big gallery of a bunch of the jet bikes I made using the parts. The first set are ones I got painted.

Please come and check out what we have been doing. Browse around the shop. You can also help by coming and making comments on Facebook, Twitter, Patreon or if you want to support me a small amount buy me a coffee!


I made up a bunch more too, shown here with the ones shown above unpainted.


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