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My workshop is just downstairs from The Honest Wargamer, so I made him a set of scenery.

I made the wall from ramshackle scrap, breakfast cereal boxes, wooden kebab skewers, recycled wire from old cables and lots of super glue. I also used a set of the Armour Bundle to add the final details. You can read a full write up and step by step guide with more photos by following this link.
This is a single full set of terrain that complies to the European tournament rules for Warhammer 40,000.
The Honest team run events and do streaming about 40k and Age of Sigmar, so check out their channels. 

The Honest Wargamer on Twitch.

TSN tournement streams

These are shots of the table ready for gaming. You can come and play using this scenery by contacting Rob at The Honest Wargamer.

I also did a dramatically lit set-up in my studio! You can see more images by following this link.

Please come and check out what we have been doing. Browse around the shop. You can also help by coming and making comments on FacebookTwitterPatreon or if you want to support me a small amount buy me a coffee!


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