If anyone tells you its too expensive to play wargames, then they simply lack imagination! I made these guys using waste materials and about £6 worth of super glue. I used recycled wire to make a frame, then made the robes from paper. I delaminated some cardboard, as the paper seemed like it would be good to use, thick but not too thick, with a nice texture. I used super glue to set it in place. I built up more solid parts from baking soda with super glue on it, its amazing material.

Recycled wire as a frame for the wings
The beast ready for some flesh!
Super glue with baking soda makes a super hard concrete. Its easy to use.
I made the torsos separate, so I can use the same body on the horse or legs, so they can dismount in game.
Paper and baking soda to build up the models.
Mounted model
The Witch King!
Ready for painting
Nazgul hunt on foot!

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  1. These are seriously cool,fantastic use of materials,I 100%agree with you on the wargaming not having to cost an arm and a leg.There seems to be a growing community for scratch building on YouTube and the like which is great, hopefully it continues to grow.

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