Dark Brexit: The Broken Chain

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of Brexit. Leaving the EU has meant fees for my awesome European customers! Ramshackle Games is a small one person business, so it is not registered for VAT, which makes the whole process of paying fees really difficult. The upshot is that it costs EU customers up to £15 extra to order from Ramshackle! Goodbye one quarter of my supporters. So I have made some actual “art” to help get me get over my feelings of frustration and betrayal by my own government! This is my first proper art project.

FREE TO ALL EU CUSTOMERS! Message me through the contacts page or on social media if you want a set adding to your order. Non-EU customers can order the set through the shop. Here is a link to the Ramshackle Games’ Link Tree page.

I wanted to make some Post-Apoc Post-Brexiter faction. This set is designed to be used with Mini Gangs, so they are a super fun little project to paint and get on the table. Their leader, The Dark Lord of Brexit, sits on his rusted throne. Around him lay the spoils of his corruption: wealth accumulated from exploitation and weaponry to exert force. This model is supplied with two alternate hands, one holding a gammon, the other with coins in.

The Dark Lord’s executioner commits murder. The victim is a self-portrait. The model I made of myself represents small businesses being strangled by import tax and other fees now liable from abandoning our political allies. Why would we choose to LEAVE our best local market, only to have to now pay to enter? Seems cockamamie to me!

Dark Britania Shoots herself in the foot. “Shooting oneself in the foot” is an English idiom which means to do or say something that causes problems for you. That is Brexit summed up!

The Fisherman represents the general mass of people who were coerced into voting for this financially irresponsible break from the EU. I drew on the stories of Lovecraft for inspiration. In “Shadows over Innsmouth”, he represents a corrupted and degenerate population as fish people. Another inspiration was the fishermen who lost fishing rights because of Brexit. More small businesses hit by Brexit!

The last sculpt is The Hair. People with excessively bad hairstyles were a feature of this political epoch, so I added a little fun piece to represent them. Silly, inept but very dangerous.

The kit is very adaptable too, it comes with a good selection of alternative heads. Very fun and useful!

If you are a Brexit supporter then this set can be assembled as a generic techno-barbarian gang. It comes supplied with alternative heads. Britania can be posed with her arm up so as not to be shooting her own foot. If you would like to discuss your opinion with me, I always appreciate political debate, so don’t hesitate to message me or comment on social media.

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