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‘Nam Orks

I finally got my ‘Nam orks painted up. These are the Ork G.I squad from the Foxbox range plus the Ramshackle Truk from the Da Green One range. Both sets are super cool and fun […]



I built the Ork Junkernaught using the really cool Armour Bundle. Its a set of armour plates with all the most popular ones from our range at a whopping 50% off.It is a super fun […]

Commission painting


My workshop is just downstairs from The Honest Wargamer, so I made him a set of scenery. I made the wall from ramshackle scrap, breakfast cereal boxes, wooden kebab skewers, recycled wire from old cables […]

Commission painting

Armour Bundle

Ramshackle Games offers a wide selection of awesome armour plates. They are a really fun and versatile parts that can be used in a variety of ways to embellish and convert your models. I added […]

Production News

Fox Box revived!

Ramshackle Games has partnered with Fox Box to re-release their catalogue. Hurray for the orks!  The first of the range is now available in our web store cast in high quality polyurethane resin. We will […]

Production News

Jet Bikes

The Ramshackle Games jet bike set is like Lego but you have to glue it together. Its such a fun kit, loads of parts. You can buy single bikes or get one of our sets. […]