Production News

Fox Box revived!

Ramshackle Games has partnered with Fox Box to re-release their catalogue. Hurray for the orks!  The first of the range is now available in our web store cast in high quality polyurethane resin. We will […]

Production News

Jet Bikes

The Ramshackle Games jet bike set is like Lego but you have to glue it together. Its such a fun kit, loads of parts. You can buy single bikes or get one of our sets. […]

20mm Car Part news

Tartan Blast extended tour

Tartan Blast started touring when the world ended, and they’re still going! Blending power dis-chords with blasting noise energy, their take on electro-grind-noise has been hugely successful. You can find Tartan Blast and their rig […]

Production News

Sausage Fingers

Production News Sausage Fingers Sausage Fingers is a great hulking waste-troll. People of the wastes often grow to immense size and bulk due to containments and birth defects. As you can see, Sausage Fingers is […]



Orktober Here at Ramshackle Games we have a penchant for all things orcy. So in celebration of Orctober we present a conversion of the model Golg the Terrible. Its just a simple head swap for […]


BOYL gaming event

Every year Garth and Dianne organise an amazing weekend of gaming at the Foundry Miniatures store at Stokes Hall. This is the great BOYL, an Oldhammer event. For the last two years I have presided […]