The Tome of Tridlins is an expansion for Nuclear Renaissance, Tridlins being a collection of small items. The book is over 100 pages. 

This book adds lots of new features to Nuclear Renaissance, including a full campaign system for developing your gangs over several games. The book also contains rules for new gangs, including zombies, mutants, beasts and military forces of the wasteland. To support the current figures range there are new rules for tunnelling machines, fliers and loads more vehicle upgrades. The book adds heaps of equipment and abilities for making really fun characters with.

The Nuclear Renaissance core rules were launched back in 2007. Since then we have put hundreds of hours of game testing into the expansion of the game and The Tome of Tridlins is the result. It adds loads of new options for gang design along with the new gangs and campaign system.

Nuclear Renaissance is a post apocalyptic table top game. Ramshackle Games already has a large range to go with the game and we have been adding more models to support The Tome of Tridlins. The game is available to download free from the Ramshackle Games web site, or can be bought in printed form from our shop.

Nuclear Renaissance is a unique game for tabletop player in that it was built around club or social play. The main premise was to make a game that included rules for multiple players to participate without bogging down. 5 players can get through a game in 2 or 3 hours. The core mechanics are simple. What makes the game come to life is the gang creation rules. In the core rules these are a solid set of upgrades and abilities that are applied to the basic character or vehicle profiles.

Players are free to build the gang they want to play with. In normal games of Nuclear Renaisance players might field a band of hardened heroes, taking a few super warriors, armed to the teeth. They could instead choose a huge hordes of shambling goons, each no threat individually but with huge bonuses in numbers. The Tome of Tridlins adds loads of extra options for making your gang your way. The book introduces amongst other things rules for mutants, beasts, zombies and military forces, making the scope for individual gangs enormous.

Players are free to build their own choice of mechanical conveyance too, with the integration of vehicles being part of the core game. How can you have post-apocalyptic gaming without solid vehicle rules? Rides come in all types, from super fast but lightly armoured bikes right through to ultra tough walking tanks. The Tome of Tridlins not only adds a whole host of new upgrades, it also lets player put robot systems into their vehicles, making them partially or totally autonomous.

The Tome of Tridlins isn’t just about the rules. There are over 20 full page colour   illustrations, plus more in black and white. Along with the images are pages great background stories. Contributors include the great author Andy Hoare, who has written for Warhammer 40,000 and Beyond the gates of Antares.



The Tome of Tridlins is available on the Ramshackle Games web store.



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