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Ramshackle Games offers a wide selection of awesome armour plates. They are a really fun and versatile parts that can be used in a variety of ways to embellish and convert your models.

I added a new set to the shop, the Armour Bundle. Is a big mix of the most popular armour plates at a huge 50% discount! The parts are really fun and easy to use. Below are images of the set plus some tips on how to clean them up and use them on your models.

The picture below is how the packs arrive.

Then once un-bagged they look like the image below. The parts come with some excess resin, which can be easily cleaned off. 

To prepare the bits, first carefully snap the plates apart. You can also use clippers.

Then use some clippers to tidy up the edges.

A big meaty metal-work file is best for the final shaping. It looks massive and crazy to use, but these big files are very controllable and easy to work with.

After you are happy with the parts its best to give them a scrub with some water and dish washing up liquid. This removes the dust and any grease or dirt from the surface. We also use a water soluble release agent in our moulds. Once cleaned leave the models to dry. Sometimes white deposits will show up after washing, but this is micro-thin and will not effect the final model. I think its either salts coming out of the resin or else the effects of hard water!

I use super glue to stick the polyester resin together with. The glue can take ages to set sometimes, so I use a small amount of plasticine to hold the bits while the glue sets. Plasticine will bond instantly with the glue but still give some time to flex the part into position. This holds it together as the glue sets. Once set, the glue makes a very strong bond, stronger than the resin itself!

One of the cool things about this set is that it comes with a selection of bonus bits! Below is an image of the default ones I send out, but I am happy to make any substitutions for bits from our ranges. Have a look though our parts bazaar where we keep all our tridlins! You can let me know what you want by using the contacts page.

The resin becomes flexible when its hot. This means its really easy to bend the plates too. I use a cup of very hot water and put the part I want to bend in. After about a minute it becomes flexible. Bend the part and then cool it using cold water. Be extremely careful to not burn yourself! Tongs, pliers and gloves are recommended when attempting this. Sorry the second photo is a bit out of focus!

I made the Orkwall and the Junkernaught with these parts. It was really fun!

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