Personal Work: 6mm Orcs

Way back in the mists of time (2007) I made a 6mm orc army. Alot of the models and parts are wither scratch built or kit bashed. I made some moulds from these too, so I could have a big army and also practice my budding mould making and casting skills.

My infantry bases are made as “mini dioramas”. I dont like basing my orcs in symmetrical lines. Its just not orcadox! I really like my little dreads too, made by kitbashing and some plasticard.

Tanks, more tanks and some tanks.

The Gargant had some bits missing, so is a bit of a kit-bash. The buggies were made from platicard stuck over some 6mm squat bikes!

I made these from the original Dunger prototype. I bent the mould to make the wider ones! THe howdahs are kit bashed.

The big badboy super-heavies, the troops and some bikes.

A bit of repetition in this image, but it does show the guns, the heavies and the flame-bikes.





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